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Kore ga Watashi no Goshujin-sama

Serie/Ranking 2005/Noticias
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Titulo:Kore ga Watashi no Goshujin-sama
Alternativo: He is My Master
Fecha estreno: 08/04/2005
Capitulos: 12
Duracion: 0 Min
Tipo: Serie
Genero: Comedia , Maids
Pagina Oficial: gainax.co.jp/anime/master/index.html

Anna Kurauchi...../Kana Ueda
Yoshitaka Nakabayashi...../Junko Minagawa
Pochi...../Kyousei Tsukui
Izumi Sawatari...../Masumi Asano
Mitsuki Sawatari...../Ai Shimizu
Shinji Kume...../Kouichi Toochika
Chichi Nakabayashi...../Yousuke Akimoto

Creador: Mattsu
Director: Shouji Saeki
Estudio: Gainax


Capitulo 01.Fecha:08.04.2005 Titulo: He is My Master!?
Capitulo 02.Fecha:15.04.2005 Titulo: That Vase, It is 5,000,000...
Capitulo 03.Fecha:22.04.2005 Titulo: The Lolicon Uniform Fetishist Who Loves Peeping Pictures and Plays Girl Simulation Games
Capitulo 04.Fecha:06.05.2005 Titulo: Couples Formed Under Extraordinary Circumstances Don`t Last Long, You Know
Capitulo 05.Fecha:13.05.2005 Titulo: There`s a rumor that this boy in the midst of puberty who inherited his parents` fortune and is living all by himself with no supervision has surrounded himself with tender young girls in a huge mansion, thus living out his fantasies and creating his own world of desire as he makes them serve him
Capitulo 06.Fecha:20.05.2005 Titulo: The Sawatari Izumi Contest Series!! A Daring Test of Courage!! An Express Train to a Secret Hotsprings in the Northeast, a Mother-in-law Murdered in the Mist, a Madonna Teacher from an Elite Family Burning with Desire, They Watch a Housewife Battle For Control of the Troubled Mansion!!
Capitulo 07.Fecha:27.05.2005 Titulo: He Is Izumi`s ...!?
Capitulo 08.Fecha:03.06.2005 Titulo: An Unbelievably Short Strike Zone
Capitulo 09.Fecha:10.06.2005 Titulo: Although Izumi is Izumi, Izumi Won`t Yield to Anyone
Capitulo 10.Fecha:17.06.2005 Titulo: He is My Prince!?
Capitulo 11.Fecha:24.06.2005 Titulo: The Far-Away Boyfriend Yoshitaka
Capitulo 12.Fecha:01.07.2005 Titulo: He is My Master!!

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