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Serie/Ranking 2009/Noticias
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Fecha estreno: 07/04/2009
Capitulos: 25
Duracion: 0 Min
Tipo: Serie
Genero: Accion , Fantasia
Pagina Oficial:

Ayanami...../Shou Hayami
Klein Teito...../Mitsuki Saiga
Bastien...../Susumu Chiba
Frau...../Jun`ichi Suwabe
Oak Hakuren...../Wataru Hatano
Haruse...../Kenji Hamada
Katsuragi...../Kazuya Nakai

Creador: Nobuhiro Takamoto
Director: Nobuhiro Takamoto
Estudio: Avex Entertainment



Capitulo 01.Fecha:07.04.2009 Titulo: The Future Of Painful Thoughts Is
Capitulo 02.Fecha:14.04.2009 Titulo: Nostalgic Memories Accompany Pain
Capitulo 03.Fecha:21.04.2009 Titulo: My Innocent Child, Sleep Within The Light
Capitulo 04.Fecha:28.04.2009 Titulo: To The Depths Of The Earnest Prayer
Capitulo 05.Fecha:05.05.2009 Titulo: Hot Tears, Gently Fill His Heart...
Capitulo 06.Fecha:12.05.2009 Titulo: The Path of Justice Lead to Light
Capitulo 07.Fecha:19.05.2009 Titulo: Does the Soul that was Devoured by the Wings, Dream of Its Beloved Child?
Capitulo 08.Fecha:26.05.2009 Titulo: Half of His Soul Arouses a Sad Awakening
Capitulo 09.Fecha:02.06.2009 Titulo: The Colour of His Soul Will be Forever...
Capitulo 10.Fecha:09.06.2009 Titulo: That Is But One Form of Atonement
Capitulo 11.Fecha:16.06.2009 Titulo: Atonement For Loved Ones Is...
Capitulo 12.Fecha:23.06.2009 Titulo: The Darkness Called "Pain" Treads Ever Closer ...
Capitulo 13.Fecha:30.06.2009 Titulo: Down the Path of Light I See...
Capitulo 14.Fecha:07.07.2009 Titulo: A Reason to Fight Together... The Right to be Called Brothers in Arms
Capitulo 15.Fecha:14.07.2009 Titulo: That Day, I was With Him
Capitulo 16.Fecha:21.07.2009 Titulo: The Truth lies Deep within the Darkness Where Light Cannot Reach
Capitulo 17.Fecha:28.07.2009 Titulo: The Family With Wings of Darkness, Enshrounded in Misery, Flies Down
Capitulo 18.Fecha:04.08.2009 Titulo: The One Who Must be Forgiven Drown in Darkness... The One Who Loves Him is Filled With Tears
Capitulo 19.Fecha:11.08.2009 Titulo: The One-Sided, Yet Never Dying Love Finds Itself...
Capitulo 20.Fecha:18.08.2009 Titulo: They Both Offer a Requiem
Capitulo 21.Fecha:25.08.2009 Titulo: Therefore, You Pass Through the Door of the Defeated
Capitulo 22.Fecha:01.09.2009 Titulo: Led by the Light in the Water`s Depths, He Spies Upon...
Capitulo 23.Fecha:08.09.2009 Titulo: Before the Darkness of the Heart
Capitulo 24.Fecha:15.09.2009 Titulo: The Justice of Those Who Lack Love is... . Oh Heart That is Stolen by Darkness, Forever...
Capitulo 25.Fecha:22.09.2009 Titulo: The Heart Is Led by the Truth Repeated on the Other Side...


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