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martes, 7 de febrero de 2012

Azumanga Daiou (2002)

Serie/Ranking 2002/Noticias
tt0339955l on IMDb

Titulo:Azumanga Daiou (2002)
Fecha estreno: 09/04/2002
Capitulos: 26
Duracion: 0 Min
Tipo: Serie
Enlaces: ANIDB
Kagura...../Houko Kuwashima
Ayumu Kasuga...../Yuki Matsuoka
Minamo Kurosawa...../Aya Hisakawa
Chiyo Mihama...../Tomoko Kaneda
Koyomi Mizuhara...../Rie Tanaka
Sakaki...../Yuu Asakawa
Tomo Takino...../Chieko Higuchi
Yukari Tanizaki...../Akiko Hiramatsu
Chihiro...../Akane Oomae
Genero: Comedia, Escuela
Creador: Kiyohiko Azuma
Director: Hiroshi Nishikiori
Estudio: J.C.Staff
Pagina Oficial:

Capitulo 01.Fecha:09.04.2002 Titulo: Child High School Student / She`s a Prodigy / Scary Maybe? / Wildcat Tomo-chan! / The Osakan Gal
Capitulo 02.Fecha:16.04.2002 Titulo: Osaka Today As Well / P.E. - Volleyball / Hiccups / The Brain... / Brand New
Capitulo 03.Fecha:23.04.2002 Titulo: Nyamo / Factional Rivalry / Yukari`s Here / Not My Fault / Forever and Ever
Capitulo 04.Fecha:30.04.2002 Titulo: A Fun Profession / Pool, Pool, Pool / Ribbon / Just the Two of Them / A Good Person?
Capitulo 05.Fecha:07.05.2002 Titulo: Summer Break / Welcome to Chiyo`s Room / Invitation / Someone with Experience, Speak / Done For
Capitulo 06.Fecha:14.05.2002 Titulo: Equation For Victory / Sakaki of Class 3, Kagura of Class 5 / Runaway Victory / Yay / Dancing the Grand Finale
Capitulo 07.Fecha:21.05.2002 Titulo: Fairyland Class / Man of Character / Go With Enthusiasm! / The Mascot / Enemy?
Capitulo 08.Fecha:28.05.2002 Titulo: Osaka`s New Year`s Dream / In Tomo-chan`s Case / In Sakaki`s Case / Welcome / In Kaorin`s Case
Capitulo 09.Fecha:04.06.2002 Titulo: If I Can`t Pet One... / 11 Years Old / Mr. Kitty Cat... / Premise / Why?
Capitulo 10.Fecha:11.06.2002 Titulo: Draft Picks / Class Shuffle / Wolf / Putting On Senior Airs / Marco...
Capitulo 11.Fecha:18.06.2002 Titulo: Cosmopolitan City / Showdown / You Didn`t Have to Hit Him / Covered In Cats / Don`t Run Away
Capitulo 12.Fecha:25.06.2002 Titulo: Chiyo-chan`s Day / High School Friends / Lunch / Afternoon / Jump Rope
Capitulo 13.Fecha:02.07.2002 Titulo: No Guard Strategy / S / Exams / Formation / Abilities
Capitulo 14.Fecha:09.07.2002 Titulo: Shopping / Meeting Up / The Ocean! / Capture Operation / The Adult World
Capitulo 15.Fecha:16.07.2002 Titulo: Members of the Kimura Family / Did You See? Did You See? / Unidentified Wife / Nervous Wreck / The Numbers Are In
Capitulo 16.Fecha:23.07.2002 Titulo: Combinations / Epiphany / Cute / Ordering / Advertising Reach
Capitulo 17.Fecha:30.07.2002 Titulo: Osaka`s Horror Story / Change of Pace / Yule / Amazing Santa / Christmas Party
Capitulo 18.Fecha:06.08.2002 Titulo: Yomi`s Exposure to the World / Betrayal / Excited, Excited, Excited, Excited / Left Out / Go!
Capitulo 19.Fecha:13.08.2002 Titulo: Yawn Master / Vaguely Youth / Adults` Flower Gazing / Children`s Flower Gazing / Cherry Blossoms
Capitulo 20.Fecha:20.08.2002 Titulo: Separation / Yukari`s Birthday / Flap Your Wings, Chiyo / Child President / Please Be Strong
Capitulo 21.Fecha:27.08.2002 Titulo: Anticipation / Can`t Stand Still / Watery Grave / Island of Dreams / Cat of the Mountains
Capitulo 22.Fecha:03.09.2002 Titulo: It`s Nice / Fooled / Miss Kurosawa / An Attempt / It`s Not Over Yet
Capitulo 23.Fecha:10.09.2002 Titulo: Got a Bite / Motivator / Hadn`t Thought Of That / We`ll All Run Together / United
Capitulo 24.Fecha:17.09.2002 Titulo: Career Paths / Showdown / Let`s Go Quickly / Popularity / Together with Mayaa
Capitulo 25.Fecha:24.09.2002 Titulo: Career Path Discussion / Prayers For Acceptance / Fight / Study Group / Tomo and Osaka, the Fateful Day
Capitulo 26.Fecha:01.10.2002 Titulo: First Graduation Ever / A Thousand Emotions / Sorrow / Alma Mater / Everyone

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