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Serie/Ranking 2016/Noticias
tt5225712l on IMDb

Fecha estreno: 09/04/2016
Capitulos: 12
Duracion: 0 Min
Tipo: Serie
Enlaces: ANIDB

Katsuhira Agata...../Yuuki Kaji
Yoshiharu Hisomu...../Koutarou Nishiyama
Honoka Maki...../Rina Satou
Nico Niiyama...../Misaki Kuno
Noriko Sonozaki...../Hibiku Yamamura
Chidori Takashiro...../Yuka Terasaki
Hajime Tenga...../Tomoaki Maeno

Genero: human enhancement, love polygon


Capitulo 01.Fecha:09.04.2016 Titulo: Sometimes, a Bond Can Bloom from the First Day Eye Contact Is Made
Capitulo 02.Fecha:16.04.2016 Titulo: If You Can Swallow a Bizarre Situation Like This So Easily, Two Buckets of Barium Shouldn`t Be a Problem
Capitulo 03.Fecha:23.04.2016 Titulo: Depending on How You Look At It, I Think We Could Get Through Anything... Right?
Capitulo 04.Fecha:30.04.2016 Titulo: Now That We`re All Connected, Let`s All Get to Know Each Other Better, `Kay?
Capitulo 05.Fecha:07.05.2016 Titulo: Wahoo, It`s a Training Camp! Let`s Step in Deer Poop and Have Pillow Fights! Go, Go!
Capitulo 06.Fecha:14.05.2016 Titulo: Nothing Good Comes From Being Around All of You
Capitulo 07.Fecha:21.05.2016 Titulo: A Battle Touching Upon the Identity of the Pain That`s Seven Times the Pain of One-Seventh of a Pain
Capitulo 08.Fecha:28.05.2016 Titulo: Happy Times Don`t Tend to Last Very Long
Capitulo 09.Fecha:04.06.2016 Titulo: It`s All Over... I Think
Capitulo 10.Fecha:11.06.2016 Titulo: You Knew Very Well That Your Romantic Feelings Might Be Unrequited, Right?
Capitulo 11.Fecha:18.06.2016 Titulo: We Have to Contact Each Other and Confirm Our Feelings. Because We`re Friends!
Capitulo 12.Fecha:25.06.2016 Titulo: If the Kizna System Spread Throughout the World

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